Advocatia is a group of Norwegian law firms with local foundation throughout the country.

Our basic target is to strengthen the individual and combine competence of the participating law firms.

About Advocatia

In a time when our clients are increasingly in need of cutting-edge competence, we strive to be able to provide excellent and timely legal advice. In order to obtain this goal, we have established professional groups with participants from all participating law firms. Through group meetings, seminars and cooperation we are able to transform individual knowledge into top competence throughout our group of law firms.

Advocatia covers all aspects of law and possess extensive competence on the following practice areas; general commercial and contract, company and M/A, real estate, public regulations, tax, bankruptcy and debt recovery, competition EU / EØS, building and construction, oil / energy and dispute resolution.

Advocatia law firms provide legal services to a large variety of business sectors such as commodity production and trade, real estate and construction, IT technology, telecommunication, oil, electricity and new energy, financial services, shipbuilding and maritime/transport services, agriculture, aqua farming and public services.

Legal matters are increasingly complex, and may involve aspects from a number of practice areas and business sectors. Advocatia can provide broad and extensive legal experience combined with a high level of business understanding.

An increasing part of our portfolio necessitates legal advice from other jurisdictions. In addition to our presents throughout the territory of Norway, Advocatia, and the participating law firms, share a very competent international network of law firms. Therefore, Advocatia can assist in providing legal services in most European countries and the United States, South America, Asia and the Middel East.


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